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Flattering wrap dresses

I love wearing wrap dresses. I think they are really flattering and they can be customised to perfectly fit and drape around your body. I also think they can be worn in a range of situations such as at the office or to a cocktail party depending on how they are accessorised and the type of fabric used on the dress. I can't buy all of the wrap dresses in the world, but I love to search for new options so I have started this blog to talk about all the dress options, like wraps, that you might enjoy. I hope you love what I find and share.


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5 Ways to Extend Your Salon Blow-Dry

If you've been to the hairdressers and have left with a gorgeous blow-dry, you no doubt want to maintain your lustrous, flowing, shiny locks for as long as possible. With the following tips, you should be able to extend your blow-dry for a few days, leaving you looking as if you've just stepped out a salon for a lot longer than usual.

Make dry shampoo your friend

Dry shampoo not only makes hair less lank and greasy, it's also a wonder product for adding a boost of volume to the roots. Just use it when you feel like your hair is getting a bit oily and your blow-dry will look as good as new. To use, simply apply the spray, flip your head over and massage the product well into your roots.

Wear it high for bed

Before you go to sleep at night, pile your hair up into a loose top knot. This will ensure that your hair retains its voluminous body. Be sure to keep the knot loose or you may end up with unwelcome kinks in the morning. A fabric scrunchy is ideal for the job as elastic hair ties are a lot more likely to leave waves and creases in your hair.

Shower wisely

A great idea to keep your blow-dry intact in the shower is to wear a shower cap. You can even tie a bandana around your hairline before you put the cap on for a little extra protection against style-destroying H2O. 

Alternatively, consider wrapping big sections of your hair in Velcro curlers before putting on the shower cap. This way, you protect your hair and get a bit of extra volume while you shower! 

Don't touch it!

You may be tempted to touch your hair, as soft and luscious as it is, but avoid temptation at all costs! Touching your hair will cause it to lose volume and will stimulate your scalp to produce more oil, meaning your blow-dry could fall flat. Keep your hands off and your hair will look voluminous for much longer.

Sleep on silk

A silk pillowcase does wonders for hair and is especially helpful when you're trying to extend a blow-dry. This is because silk doesn't grab and pull on the hair in the same way that man-made materials do; instead, the hair glides against the silk and stays smooth. And, because your hair isn't binding with the pillowcase material, you are less likely to end up with frizz.