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Flattering wrap dresses

I love wearing wrap dresses. I think they are really flattering and they can be customised to perfectly fit and drape around your body. I also think they can be worn in a range of situations such as at the office or to a cocktail party depending on how they are accessorised and the type of fabric used on the dress. I can't buy all of the wrap dresses in the world, but I love to search for new options so I have started this blog to talk about all the dress options, like wraps, that you might enjoy. I hope you love what I find and share.


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Eczema is an inflammation of the skin caused by an uncontrolled and unexplained allergic reaction, which manifests itself with period flares of dry and itchy skin, and in severe cases, with flakiness and pustules. Unfortunately, there is no cure, just proper management, and wanting to be fashionable can sometimes cause eczema to flare up. Eczema sufferers are sensitive to many chemicals, such as the one used at most dry cleaners, perchloroethylene, or as it's fondly called by industry insiders, PERC. Read More